Thinking Of Switching Mountains Next Winter? Choose Morzine.

Perhaps you’ve done a few seasons in the same resort and you’re looking for a change or maybe you’ve travelled the Alps for years and it’s time for the next adventure. Whether you’re new to the Alpine life or not we’d like to turn your attention to Morzine – A place that has been on the rise for many years now and is fast becoming the most popular Seasonnaire town in Europe.

What are Morzine’s biggest attractions?

Skiable Terrain


It is a well known fact that the PDS is one of largest skiable areas in the world. That’s right – THE WORLD. On your full-area season pass, costing around €700, you have skiable access to 12 resorts. If that wasn’t enough that includes 12 Snow Parks, a Burton Stash and an abundance of off piste opportunities, all seamlessly connected by one of the largest and fastest lift systems to date.

Live Music


Morzine’s vast collection of Bars and Venues offer non-stop live music throughout the winter. On most nights there will be a live set from one of Morzine many local or visiting entertainers. This constant effort to keep the locals and holiday makers entertained instills a sense of pride to be a part of it and you soon find yourself attending every single gig of your favoured band, standing in the front row, screaming the lyrics.

Pictured: Cab Collective in the Morzine town square.



By far the most widely recognised event Morzine has to offer is the Cavern 24-7 Film Festival, which raised €15,000 for charity this year. In previous years they have been responsible for building the Morzine Skatepark using the funds raised by the epic week-long event.

Usually occurring once a week, there is always some kind of park jam, community event or sponsored night happening in Morzine. While we wouldn’t deny that we have played a huge part in hosting big events in Morzine this season such at STOMP THE NANT and THE KNUCKLE DUSTER, there are many more to behold. Once again, unlike many other resorts in Europe, Morzine never fails to band together to show support for a new brand, a new event, or a community project. Check out Retro Rentals, Finest Hour Clothing and Shredits for a look into some of the events which went down this year!

Apres Bars


Once apon a time down a piste, far, far away…

Happy Hours Bar is one of the many options to get absolutely turbo wasted after a long, hard days riding. At the foot of the famously nicknamed “STARWARS” run you wont want to miss their consistently original entertainers such as the Redbull Thre3style World Champion DJ ESKEI83, who had jaws hitting the floor as he scratched and mixed some mind-blowing tracks on an unmissable Wednesday Apres. They also hosted one of the craziest events we saw this year – KING OF THE MOUNTAIN, a race to the bottom of STARWARS with a pint of beer.

You can also choose from:

Le Tremplin – At the foot of the Morzine Pleney bubble. An outdoor decking Apres bar with Djs or bands every week.

La Kinkerne – an Austrian-style bar sponsored by Monster Energy.

Chez Roger – a locals favourite.

Bar Robinsons – If you want to shit yourself in the morning.

But what about living and working in Morzine?

Working in Morzine is unlike other resorts, which have been purpose built for sking. There’s a range of jobs you can do, which will enable you to enjoy your season for the reason you actually chose to do one – to have fun!

Very few of us go away for the winter to work our asses off, most of us crave the lifestyle that goes along with the work, so heres some part-time options for you.

speed cleaning

Weekend Cleaners – The standard of any work in Morzine is high, so don’t start thinking you can get away with wiping a tap or two and brushing the floor. If you work for one of the many companies that offer weekend cleaning work you’ll be expected to do an exceptional job – and you should! These positions usually pay up to €50 a day.


Part-Time Bar Work – Many of the bars in Morzine can offer part-time work. It’s a great way to meet people early in the season – who doesn’t find friendship in the people serving them their much needed, after work beer? These positions usually pay up to €50 for a night’s work. Pop into Chez Rogers – the most sociable bar in Morzine.


Transfer Driver – Usually a 3-4 days working / 4-3 days off deal, this role ensures a lot of mountain time. Although the drive up and down to Geneva can become tedious it is still a sociable role, meeting new guests and and helping them with local knowledge as you drive up the windy road to Morzine.


RETRO RENTALS is a well-known business in not only Morzine, but the Alps. They can offer part-time work throughout the winter helping with events, promo nights and rentals. A great team to be a part of with Kyle Dickson at the helm, who this year played a huge part in Snowboxx festival and was responsible for employing half of Morzine to help make it happen – legend.

Living in Morzine

Winter in Alps

You may be used to cramming into a tiny apartment with eight other seasonnaires and living out of one single drawer all winter. Well, you can kiss that goodbye now you’re in Morzine. Typically you will live in a spacious Chalet with an actual living room and kitchen – WHAT?!

Local business Beds N Board specialise in comfortable, affordable seasonnaire accommodation, managed properly.  If you’re looking to set yourself up before you get a job out here, they are the guys to get in touch with.

Moving Up In The World?

Morzine has become a hub for new businesses to start-up and thrive. The community offers a lot of support for new, exciting ventures because everyone seems to want to work with each other rather than creating conflict or competition. At the annually held Morzine Source Supplier Show local businesses and services find ways to collaborate and succeed together.

Not starting your own business? There’s a lot of opportunities to work in high-end chalets and larger businesses to begin building a career in the Alps. As you will see, there are many ex-pats living and succeeding in Morzine. Take a page out of their playbook when someone asks you “So when are you going to stop doing seasons and get a real job?”

Rev Hiking


We hope you found this useful! See you in Morzine fellow shredders!

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