6 Things Every Seasonnaire Does, Which No One Else Understands

You can take a Seasonnaire out of the Mountains, but you can never take the Mountains out of a Seasonnaire. It’s funny what Winter seasons do to us, they alter our perceptions and make us see the world in a whole other way, even in urban life. Whether you’re on a bus or walking down a busy high street, everything seems to remind you of shredding. Here’s some of the funny things all Seasonnaires do which ‘normal’ people will just never understand.

1. Improving your balance on the Train


When you’re on a train and theres no seats, holding onto the rails/sides is never an option. You act as if you’re on your skis or board, similar to going down a slope, proving to yourself and everybody else that, yes, you do have incredible balance due to all the shredding you do while they sit at their desks all winter.

2. Everything is a featureChichen_Itza_3

What ever it is, how ever big, small, crazy or poorly placed, the day to day sightings of street rails, boxes and gradients gets you stoked. Theres always that voice in the back of your mind saying, “Yeah, if there was snow, i’d hit that”

3. Progressing in your sleep

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 15.02.37

You’re fast a sleep and having one of those dreams of riding in the mountains. Everything’s going so well and stomping 1080s in the massive Alaskan backcountry is no problem. Silky smooth slow-motion style and ease flows through you with each trick and you finally feel like a pro. You then wake up and think, “right, its finally clicked. I now know how to do those tricks. Next season is gonna be sick!”

4. Rounds and rounds of Jaegerbombs


Jaeger Bombs… You’re on a night out knocking them back with your mates in some expensive club in London, you’ve sold a kidney to get the round in, yet it just isn’t the same as aprés. It’s as if the alpine air gives the jaeger a whole new flavour, but never the less you continue to drink them non-stop until you throw up or take someone home to disappoint them.

5. clinging onto the mountain dress code

clinging on

Your over the top baggy clothes or pristine Spider Jacket just don’t look good in a crowd of tight-dressed chicks in a bar. Suffering from alpine withdrawal you try to find excuses to wear them around, yet as soon as you walk out the door it just doesn’t feel right.

6. What you definitely should have done, and will do next season

fred dropping

On your daily commute you start to reflect on the snowier days. You’re taken back to that epic powder run when you decided not to take the humungous cliff drop and think, “shit, why didn’t i do that, it wasn’t even that big?! I’ll do it next season for sure.”

Can you relate to any of this? email us at waddup@shreditstudio.com with the funny little things you do in your spare time which absolutely none of your friends understand!


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