From iDea to iPhone: The Shredits Story

“What if we could take the fun and excitement of competitive sports and filmmaking and put it in an App that gets you stoked to get out there and Shred?” Mickey, on the phone to Ciaran, October 23rd 2015.

Sparked from the buzz around the Morzine Cavern Bar’s 24-7 Film Festival, Mickey Fitz, Co-Founder of Shredits, dreamt up a smartphone app which encapsulated everything we love about skiing and snowboarding. A couple of phone calls with his soon-to-be Co-Founder Ciaran Wood, mastermind programmer, and Shredits was already becoming real.

“We had planned to launch the App in December as a Christmas present to the industry.”

With Ciaran already eagerly building the App it was time to find a graphics designer to join the team, enter Alex Revell. During a socially questionable lads holiday to York to reconnect with some old season homies, Mickey delivered the Shredits App proposal to Alex who instantly fell in love with the idea. Before Mickey could head home Alex was already dreaming up what the app would look like, throwing ideas into the pot and bouncing off the walls with excitement. He was the man for the job, and did not disappoint when he pitched his first draft of the App Design. It was the sexiest thing we’d seen since Jennifer Aniston turned 40.

Launch Scren 750x1334

We were charging towards Winter, racing against time to get the company set up, the App finished and our launch plan set in motion. As December rolled by we saw our deadline missed, but we didn’t care. The App had to be perfect before we could release it and we refused to take shortcuts. On January 25th, Shredits App went live.


We were relieved, it was done, we’d built a competitive video app for the industry we love to connect us in a way that had never been done before. But now we had a new challenge – how were we going to spread the Shredits word?

Sure, Facebook adverts, blogs, photos and videos are all useful but we wanted to make a noise, a loud noise. One fine evening, while sat in one of Morzine’s local watering holes, Mickey and Ciaran were enjoying a nice cold – let’s face it, we were shitfaced. The brilliant idea of organising a competition in the famous Nantague Backyard which encouraged Morzine locals to enter and compete with one another to win prizes, sponsored by local brands and shops was sparked. Over the next few days we manically collected sponsorships from local companies such as Love Inc Snowboarding, Retro Rentals, Finest Hour Clothing, Mammas Takeaway and many more. Before we knew it we had created a fully branded event, which spread through the town like wild fire.


By the night of the event, named “STOMP THE NANT” we had spent two full days building features, stringing up sponsorship banners, collecting prizes, crafting waivers, stocking up on food and beer and shamelessly promoting around town. We were utterly exhausted. As we waited for the crowd to gather we grew nervous. By 8:30pm the garden was still empty. Over €300 of food and beer was about to go to waste until we heard the rumble of an entire ski resort trudge down the Route De La Plagne towards us. By 9:00pm over 400 people were stood eagerly waiting for the first riders to drop in. 9:30 and the music was booming, the snow was trickling down and the first backflip was thrown by the Backflip King Murray Koller. The crowd went nuts, echoing through the streets as Jake Daniel Simpson landed a FS Rodeo off the toes. Backflip, Frontflip, Rodeo, 540, 720, it was on. We couldn’t believe the level of riding that was going down in this tiny garden set up. The free BBQ was cleaned out, the beer was gone but the crowd was stoked. As the comp began to die down our judges decided on the winners and the prizes were handed out. The crowd dispersed and left us stood utterly speechless at what had just happened. With little help, barely enough time or planning we’d managed to start a new Morzine tradition, which would go on to see King Of The Mountain, Crash The Stash, Stright Outta Stompton, The Shredlympics, The Knuckle Duster, Finest Hour X Shredits Jam and Redbull DJ Eskie83 play at Happy Hours Bar. ShreditsEvents was born and we had our noise.

Crash the Stash Poster.jpg


King of the mountain Poster V2 .jpg

Knuckle Duster Poster.jpg

Shredlympics 1.jpg

By seasons end we had reached 600 downloads on the App in five countries, built a loyal following in Morzine and partnered with 8 companies to build the future of Shredits with.

If you are one of our amazing followers, you may be wondering what has happened to Shredits this summer. Have no fear, this was always the plan:

With such a successful launch we knew we would need to have a long hard look at what we needed to do to push forwards. We decided to ask you what you wanted Shredits to be, after all it’s an app built for you, the shredders. Through all the incredible suggestions we soon had Shredits 2.0 to aim for. So, without giving anything away, that’s what we’ve been up to. Come December 2016 Shredits 2.0 will be released. New design, new content, a whole new experience for you. We hope you’re as excited as we are to get your Shred in the Game!

If you have any more ideas for us send us an email or use #MyShredits!

We hope you enjoyed our story!

take it steazy!

The Shredits Team.

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