Shredits To Purchase Turbo Nasty Productions In The Industry’s Most Shocking Business Deal

Big news at the Shredquarters today: we have bought into a tech company based out of London called TURBO NASTY PRODUCTIONS.

Turbo Nasty approached us this summer to offer their resources in building the new Shredits App. We listened to their pitch, which was presented to a soundtrack of “Killing In The Name” by Rage Against The Machine. “Our website and app development projects have been huge successes in your industry, revolutionising how you customise your sunglasses and goggles online with some of the freshest optics brands.”

“Soon after, we were in talks of buying their company”

Impressed, we invited them to the Shredquarters in Morzine where we introduced them to our development team. As sparks flew and ideas began to flow we could see a partnership in the pipeline. Soon after, we were in talks of buying into their company.

Before we could begin, we needed to re-evaluate our position. Were we at risk of loosing our company to these guys? They had deep pockets, and if they wanted to they could have easily bought us out. We decided to go in strong with a proposal of our own for partnership.

“What happened next is unclear…”

The next day we met in a local Morzine bar. Before we began, however, we insisted that each of us had to drink 5 turbo jaeger bombs (vodka, redbull and a shot of jaeger) before any business was discussed. 

What happened next is unclear, but we now own shares in Turbo Nasty Productions.

Since that day, Shredits and Turbo Nasty Productions have been working tirelessly to bring you the sickest app this industry has ever seen. Using data collected from our users last winter and feedback directly from our amazing following we were able to design an experience, rather than just a fun game. With the power of the Shredits brand and Turbo’s genius development skills we’re excited to unveil the all new Shredits 2.0 this December. 

As we go forward, Turbo Nasty Productions will be working closely with our developers to continue innovating in the App. We hope you enjoy what we have created together and have the sickest winter to date!

See you on the slopes!

The Shredits Team



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