The Morzine Film Awards 2018


Last year Morzine celebrated a decade of filmmaking as The Cavern 24-7 Film Festival put on it’s last show.

The tradition that lasted 10 years was the highlight of the year for most of the Morzine community, boasting a 900+ strong crowd who whooped, cheered, laughed and threw beer at each other through each cinematic masterpiece. The films themselves were created by seasonnaires and locals who unleashed their often questionable creativity onto the big screen. There were no real rules, which quickly lead to a lot of male nudity, law breaking and setting fire to parts of Avoriaz.

It would be a tragedy if we let such a wholesome, community-inspiring event fade away. This year, with the support of The Cavern 24-7 Film Festival team, we are inviting you to carry on the tradition. The Morzine Film Awards presents a new opportunity to celebrate your wildest ideas on film. Supported by an overwhelming collection of Morzine businesses we aim to raise a record-breaking amount of money for each year’s Charity Of Choice.

To kick things off we’re bringing Morzine’s most talented artists to centre stage. We’re offering up a blank canvas to design the official Morzine Film Awards logo. Even if your artistry skills go no further than the 30ft. cock you drew in the Les Gets ice rink, we want to give you a shot.

Because as history has shown us, even a cock and balls can win a film festival.


2018 RULES.jpg

Each team has 8 days to shoot and edit their masterpieces
Films must not exceed 5 minutes
Teams can be as big or small as you want
Each year we will provide each team with a coloured bandana. These bandanas must feature in every shot to prove it was filmed when you say it was.

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