Meet The Crew

Through our events, video services and app platform we create new and fun ways to engage your customers like never before.


Shredits was founded by three ambitious friends, each with their own exceptional talents. Now in it’s third year shredits has grown from a simple app project to a powerful media agency based Morzine, France.

“Championing real creativity is the lifeblood of Shredits. We reward our team in weird and wonderful ways for their sensational work, everything we do is fun and forward-thinking and everyone has a voice.”

Mickey Fitz // CEO

Alex Revell – Chief Of Design

Alex oversees all branding and design work with our events and media teams. He’s also a damn good skier.

Get in touch with Alex:

Ciaran Wood – Chief Technology Officer

Ciaran (a.k.a. Gandalf) is our CTO. His wizardry in code still baffles us today. He single handedly built Shredits App from the ground up and now runs our customer engagement Apps remotely from the mountains. He’s also in a Rage Against The Machine Tribute Band.

Get in touch with Ciaran:

Mickey Fitz – CEO

Mickey is our Shreditor In Chief. He lives in the mountains year-round and runs all other aspects of the business from customer relations to the best job of all – accounts (which are ridiculous – who spent €500 on fireworks in March?!).

Get in touch with Mickey:

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