Our events package offeres end-to-end management from promotion, event design and choeography to media coverage and post-promotion. Trust us, you’re in good hands.

In two years Shredits has created and hosted 15 events in the Alps.

What happens when you book a Shredits Events Package:

 Brand Evaluation – we get to know you, your brand and your audience.

 Event Design – we create an event that suits your brand values and target audience.

 Event Pitch – you are presented with the event idea, marketing campaign and content style.

 Bespoke Branding – our creative team will design the event branding from the gound up.

 On & Offline Promotion – Facebook & Insta campaigns to build awareness and hype. We run physicial campaigns locally if applicable.

 Event Choreography – from start to finish, we plan every part of the event.

 Event Execution & Media Coverage – our events team will put on the sickest show your audience has ever seen and our media team will gear up and document the entire experience.

 Post Event Promotion – All video and photos captured at the event will be edited professionally and made availbale to you immediately.

 See our success stories including all results

Are you ready to experience a Shredits Event? Get in touch now.




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