We make videos that go viral in your audience. 

Understanding who you’re trying to reach and curating a video experience to match is our speciality. We create brand-specific videos that capture and retain attention within the first 3-5 seconds.


Four of the world’s best gamers compete in Riyadh for the chance to race some of the world’s best drivers.


Slide your fingers into these delicious mitts for all the shredding pleasure!

Morzine’s Biggest & Best Apres Ski Parties

Happy Hours Bar, Morzine, France

As Happy Hours Bar’s official media partner we have developed an excellent undestanding of their brand and audience over the past two years. At the end of winter 2017 they threw the biggest closing event of the season – two parties: Hawaii 5-0 & Baywatch.

Morzine’s First Mountain Bike Festival

ALLRIDE Festival, Morzine, France

ALLRIDE is Morzine’s first mountain bike festival. Using our end-to-end events management package Shredits were contracted to run all promotions, event design & management and provide media coverage of the day.  The two videos above are from our Facebook & Instagram campaign as this project is still being executed. If you want to join us ALLRIDE Festival kicks off on June 19th!


The event series that put The Nant Mountain Chalet on the map

STOMP THE NANT Event Series – Morzine, France

The Nant Mountain Chalet was on our radar from the moment we touched down in Morzine. Their back garden set up is full of potential and with such a great location we could see an event on the horizon. We approached them with the idea of building the biggest, gnarliest set up possible and marketing it as a locals-only competition. What happened next was incredible with two events in 2016 drawing a collective crowd of 800+ and a third event in year 2 with a footfall of over 600. Above video 1: 2016, video 2: 2017.

Great food, good people and an AWESOME location

Over a week of filming, we captured the Southwest Surf House guests enjoying the incredible service they provide. From healthy, organic food to private surf lessons we had to showcase it all. This video was used for a Facebook marketing campaign and gained over 24,000 views in just 3 days.

Using the latest equipment we provide professional-level services to all kinds of clients. Each project we accept must go through out brand evalutation process in order to achieve the best results. Find out more by sending us a message. Lets put YOUR brand on the map.

Our Video portfolio is huge, however we wanted to showcase our best and most varied work. If you’d like to see more, head over to our Facebook Page.



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